Angry Birds Craze!

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Angry Birds


I read an article about Angry Birds and it’s little by little dominating all over the world.

First off – Google has adopted Angry Birds, via its Chrome browser adding the game that already runs on Android and Windows phones, webOS, and Sony’s PlayStation. It runs on other Web browsers, too, but only through Chrome can the players purchase Mighty Eagle (which helps them level up in the game).

As of today, there are  more than 40 million active users, more that 75 million paid and ad-supported downloads, and over more than 2 million plush dolls sold.

Sa sobrang kabaliwan na ng tao sa Angry Birds eh, baka eto ang gawin ng iba sa ‘tin:

Sa mga mahilig sa art:

Structural na pwedeng ancient pilgrims in the next century:

Pati bubble designs:

For the coffee lover and angry birds lover:


Ang graffiti naman sa EDSA


Real angry bird?





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